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Lesotho Science and Mathematics Teachers Association (LSMTA)

Lesotho Science and Mathematics Teachers Association (LSMTA) is a Lesotho registered non -profit making association (Reg: 74/2) that promotes, enhance, and facilitate teaching and learning of Science Technology Engineering Arts &Entrepreneurship and Mathematics (STEAM) subjects in Lesotho. We also aim at producing young innovative Learners through STEAM clubs, Science fair projects, Math’s and Science contest and Robotics. Our target groups are Teachers and Learners from Primary level to High School level. The Association was established in 1969 by Math’s and Science Teachers and it has expanded over the ten districts of Lesotho.

Our Objectives

  • To strengthen teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science education through learner centered approach in Lesotho.
  • To uplift the standards of teaching and learning of mathematics and science education in Lesotho, thus enhancing performance of these subjects within our country.
  • To promote the formation and growth of science clubs in schools by making available relevant information to all teachers.
  • To facilitate establishment of links amongst teachers from different schools (and districts) through communication, and networking.


It is a known fact that now we are at the time in our history when education in general, Math's and Science education in particular, are more important to our young people than ever before. Faced with stiff and increasing national and international competitions at all levels, it is critically important for Lesotho to enhance its education standard. Currently, the level of education in Lesotho is declining. According to the press release for May 26,2016, Lesotho quality of education in primary and Junior level is reported to be very low, it is the third, lowest in southern Africa (Worldbank,2016). “Basotho Students” level of learning in Primary school is third lowest in the southern Africa region. The quality is equally low at the junior secondary level where only one-fifth of students pass mathematics and science in end cycle examination (world bank 2016) Moreover, the currency status of education in Lesotho is facing on-going challenges in the provision of quality education (Nkhoma, 2013). This poor education in Lesotho is putting our future country’s economy at stake. In response to these outlined challenges in Lesotho , LSMTA believes that an improvement in the quality of education in Math’s and Science can be a solution.

Our strategic action plan for advancing Mathematics and Science Education

Our strategic action plan for advancing Mathematics and Science Education is an initial outline of strategies, action, measures of progress, resources needed, timelines and responsible parties. The plan focuses on these three main goals:

  • Increase student interest, participation and achievement in Math and Science.
  • Raising public support and awareness of the importance of science and Math’s to Lesotho economic health and security.
  • Establishing effective collaboration with internal and external partners.

Enhancing Basotho Learners through STEM

Our Vision


We envision high levels of student’s achievements and interest in STEAM

We envision high levels of student’s achievements and interest in STEAM and a system that offers all Basotho children opportunity to become well informed, productive, and innovative citizens. Realizing this vision will require collaboration among students, educators, businesses, private sectors, Legislators and Government.
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Changing Basotho Learners through the teaching of STEM Education


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